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Shipping services in Barcelona for business and private individuals

We add value to your deliveries

Experts in shipping and packaging

If you are shipping from Barcelona, count on us. We are market leaders for international shipping and logistics delivery in Barcelona. Our store is in the very centre of Barcelona, in the famous Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gótico). We offer all you have to make a shipment or delivery. We deliver worldwide. Ask for any question about your shipment.

We want to be your expert partner in packaging and shipment

MailBoxes Etc Barcelona Center provides an all-in-one shipment and delivery service for all the goods you need to deliver. We have a worldwide network so you can pick up your delivery at our stores. If you have to ship a delicate material, know about our shipping insurance.

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Shipment services for business


The best shipping and logistics solutions for business

On-line shipment tracking | Invoicing management | Collection requests

Private individuals

Shipping services for private individuals

Deliver as if you were a company

  • Best delivery options regarding courier and destinations
  • Customs documents advice
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation

Artworks shipping

Experts in packaging and artworks shipment

Ship paintings and valuable items

Support with customs documents | Ship artworks bought in auction houses | Special Packaging

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Deliver from hotels

Have you forgotten something in the hotel? We are here to help you.

We send forgotten objects to your home

We are in touch with hotels in Barcelona in order to ship your forgotten objects to your country.

Pay by credit/debit card or via PayPal | Express delivery or standard delivery

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All risks insurance

MBE shipping insurance

Insure your shipment against all risks

SAFE VALUE shipping insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance

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Professional packaging service

Perfect packaging for each product

Tailor-made packaging for delicate products

We know which is exactly the best packaging so your shipment arrives perfectly, and we have special materials for each kind of product.

Why rely on MailBoxes Barcelona Center for your domestic or overseas shipments?

MBE Gotic works with the best international shipping companies. Our partners are, among many others, UPS, FedEx, Correos Express and TNT. Worldwide leaders in shipment, delivery and logistics. Thus, we choose the best option that fits your needs, and we provide a personalized and customized shipment service. We help you with a professional package and we advise you about the best options.

The best option for your shipment

MBE Gotic gives you the best shipment prices regarding weight, size and destination. With this data we help you to pick the best courier. We work with different couriers, all of them leaders in the business mail market. UPS Point, FedEx, TNT and Correos Express are our partners. We will tell you which is the best option for your shipment.

Enviar Barcelona - envíos barcelona

Heavyweight and large shipments

Do not worry about how weight or big is your product. We will choose the courier that better suits your needs. We work with couriers specialised in shipments without weight or size limitations.

Send goods of all kinds

We can send goods of all kinds, regarding always customs legislation in each country. If you have any question, we will be glad to help you.

If you are abroad and you have bought any object, artwork or painting at an auction, we can send it to you.

You can send luggage, medicines, food, and fragile objects. We can also help you send special shipments. If you want to send a piece of art, we help you with customs requirements and documentation.

Express delivery or Standard delivery

If you are concerned about the delivery time, you can choose our express delivery, otherwise, we recommend you the more economical standard delivery.

Safe Value: Unique shipping insurance

The optimal insurance to send delicate articles such as artpieces, paintings or valuable objects

MBE offers you a full coverage shipment insurance.

We suggest you to complement our shipping service with this insurance, that perfectly suits with items purchased at auctions in Barcelona. Thus, you will wait carelessly for the delivery.

Total coverage of the case, sleeve, holster, trunk or suitcase

Our insurance covers the content as well as the case, so if the case results damaged our insurance will cover it too.

Don’t spend time packing your parcel. In MBE Gotic we offer an expert packing service. If you want to do it yourself, we will check it out in order to assure the parcel is perfectly packaged so to ship it safely.

You have to present the invoice and we have margin to negotiate the claim. We usually charge around 1.5 to 2% of the item’s value.

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Shipment documents

Documentación envíos aduana

We help you fullfill customs documents required. Thus, we avoid unnecessary delays and ensure your parcel arrives properly in time and perfect condition.

Professional packaging service for your shipments

Don’t worry about packing your products to ship. Due to our packaging expertise we will use the best package for your delicate shipments, or the best cases for your documents.

This way we save you extra charges in case of damage. With our packaging services, your delivered items will look sophisticated and professional.

When do you want it to be collected?

We deal with urgences and unexpected issues that come up with your shipments. Because of this, we are flexible whith the collection time.

If you are travelling and you need to delay a shipment arrival, we help you. We offer alternatives too, as collecting your parcel at our Official Collection Points.

Track your package at any time

We provide you a tracking number so you can check your shipment at any time and wherever you are. In case of vany event you can call as to get information about your parcel. There will be a person available to solve any kind of issue.

In MBE Gotic we want you to be confident, so we will always help you solve any trouble.

Facilitamos tus gestiones

Tailored invoicing:

  • Charge by user, client or deparment
  • Shipment reference
  • Merge in a single invoice your international, national or domestic shipments
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Other services you will find at MBE Gotic

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As we treat your shipments as though it were ours

MBE Gotic banks on a personal and tailored shipping service. Our job is to advise you about the best option to make a shipment. Choose what you want to send, and we take care of the rest.