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In MBE Gotic you will find ink cartridges for your printer, toners and printers in Barcelona

If you want to buy printer items in the centre of Barcelona, you will find them at our Prink corner, in MBE Gotic.

  • Printer ink

  • Toner

  • Printers

  • Printer paper

  • Printer repairment service

At MBE Gotic’s Prink corner, you can purchase all the printer products you need.

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Prink is one of the most relevant printer items trade firms. Prink sells toners, ink cartridges and printer paper. Thus, in Mail Boxes Etc., we are proud of being official Prink’s partners. In MBE Gotic you will find a wide range of printer products. Prink provides an amount of more than 12.000 different kinds of products that you can buy at MBE Gotic.

If you need a toner, printer ink or paper for your printer, come and see us

Buying Prink products you will save around 60% on ink cartridges keeping the best quality.

All Prink products you need for your printer in Barcelona

Visit our store and find the Prink corner, a place in our shop dedicated to trade a variety of Prink products you may need. If you need to buy printer ink, you will save 60% on your purchase in comparison with other firms.

Do you have to buy a printer in Barcelona?

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If you need to buy a printer in Barcelona, you can ask us about Prink Prima’s features, a printer with Prink’s quality seal.

Printer repairment service

Printer SOS Service, a quick diagnosis of your printer’s failure. If you buy Prink’s cartridges you will benefit from a free repairment.