Sending suitcases or packages with MBE Gotic is easy and quick

Forget about weighing your luggage next summer, and send your suitcases with Mail Boxes Etc.’s international and national shipping services in Barcelona.

For those fast payers who let themselves be impressed by exotism, by the souvenir, this precious appealing gifts at the touristic hotspots, there is always a gloomy moment waiting for them. Weight limitations at the airport, this reality slap that constrains passionate tourists at every souvenir shop. How many bottles can I go through customs with? How much will my luggage weight with this jar of Caribbean sand?

Baggage restrictions

One of the main worries for the travellers when packing their bags is weight. At the time to depart everything is usually carefully controlled, but during the holidays this starts going messy. Baggage restrictions varyship suitcase barcelona - MBE Gotic depending on the airline, the class and the ticket. Nonetheless, the billable baggage uses to be 23 kg and 128 cm. Regarding the hand luggage, the main concern is about which kind of substances can board on the plane. Thus, we have to consider the possibility of shipping heavy packages to the destination.

Suitcase loss

As the job memories of our desktop start arising, we start making efforts to remember our job’s computer passwords. Trying to avoid melancholy we gaze the battered suitcases released on the carousel. “How will be my luggage?” Shadowy thoughts start pushing the stomach. But a worse thought is yet to come as the suitcases are filling the carousel: “Where is my luggage?

In spite of every each year less baggage is lost at the airports, the fear to lose baggage is still one of the main concerns for most of the tourists. Nowadays lost luggage represents less than 6 per thousand of the total billed baggage. On the contrary, baggage limitations have not got better and since New York’s terrorist attacks regulations have been more and more restrictive. That is especially true for flights to the USA and regarding onboard suitcase’s content.

Customs controls

envíos aduana - documentos aduanales - documentos para aduana

Recovered the suitcase, customs waits. For the farsighted, this stage must not represent any trouble, but for impulsive travellers, customs controls may have unexpected outcomes. We always have to take into account limitations on alcoholic drinks, tobacco and many others. Most of the times we can carry around one or two litres, a couple of bottles, more or less, and no more than two hundred cigarettes or fifty cigars. So, your friends will really have to appreciate when you share your tequila or Habanos that you carried so carefully among dirty socks. Food is usually a troubling issue.

Send luggage or packages with MBE Gotic

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these concerns. Send your suitcases with MBE Gotic. From almost any country, Mail Boxes Etc. offers you the possibility to send any piece of luggage to Barcelona. If you are sightseeing in Barcelona, count on us to make a shipment. Forget about any worries if you want to send craftsmanship, delicate items or bottles of wine, you may like to check our shipping insurance.
You will have information about your shipment all the time due to our tracking number. We will provide you with its location. Besides, we will advise you about the products you can send and the customs documents required to send to the destination country. Thus, you will be free to focus only on enjoying your holidays.