Shipping and Packaging in Barcelona

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Transport of all types of goods for companies and individuals.

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Delivery service for companies

Full control of the shipment

Best logistics solutions for business

  • On-line tracking of shipments
  • Invoice management
  • Pick-up request


Shipping services for individuals

Send with company benefits

  • Best choice of courier by destination.
  • Advice on customs documentation.
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation.

Art shipment

Specialists in packaging and shipping of paintings and artwork

Shipment of paintings and high-value items

Help with forms for customs | Shipment of items purchased at auctions | Special packaging

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Shipments from hotels

Have you forgotten something at the hotel? Don't worry, we'll help you.

We send your forgotten items back home

  • We talk to the hotel to send your forgotten items to your country.
  • Payment by Debit/Credit Card or Bank transfer.
  • Choose express or standard shipping.
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Fully comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance in our franchises

Insure your shipments with our SAFE VALUE service

100% coverage

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Packaging service

The perfect packaging for every shipment.

The ideal material for your sensitive packaging

We know the most suitable packaging for your shipment to arrive in perfect condition and we have special materials for each type of content.

Why use Mail Boxes for national or international deliveries in Barcelona?

At MBE Barcelona Centro we have the best courier and logistics providers. We work with the best parcel delivery companies. That’s why you can send with UPS from the centre of Barcelona, but also with other providers such as Correos Express and TNT, which ensure that the shipment is sent correctly and with all the guarantees.

But we also offer you a personalised shipping service, we will help you with professional packaging and give you professional advice so that your shipment arrives in perfect condition.

The best option for your shipment

At MBE Gotic we will provide you with the best prices to send your package depending on its weight and dimensions, but also depending on the country of destination, we will choose the best provider. Correos Express, TNT, UPS or FedEx in the centre of Barcelona, all from the same office.

courier service in Barcelona

Large volume shipments in weight or size

Don’t worry about the weight or size of your shipment.
We take care of choosing the most suitable courier. We have couriers specialised in sending parcels of special sizes and weights.

Shipments of all types of goods

We can send everything you need, always in accordance with the customs regulations of each country. If you have any doubts, ask us and we will be happy to give you advice.
If you are abroad and you have bought an item at auction, we can send it to you.
You can send suitcases and fragile materials. We can also help you with special shipments. If you need to send paintings or pieces of art, we can help you to comply with customs requirements and documentation for transportation.

Express and regular shipments

If you are concerned about how long it will take for a shipment to arrive, you can opt for an express shipment, otherwise we recommend a cheaper rate with a regular shipment.

Safe Value: Exclusive shipping insurance

The ideal insurance for sending expensive objects, such as works of art, paintings or delicate objects

At Mail Boxes Etc Barcelona we offer a comprehensive insurance for shipments.
We recommend that you complete our shipping service for objects purchased at auctions in Barcelona with this insurance, so that you have total peace of mind until your shipment arrives.

Full coverage of both the contents and the box, case or suitcase

This insurance covers both the contents and the container, so if the box or case suffers any damage, our insurance would also cover it, as well as the object inside.
As at MailBoxes Barcelona Center we offer a packing service, you will not have to waste time doing it yourself. However, if you want to do it this way, we will have to check it to make sure that it is perfectly packed for safe shipment and that it is professionally packed.

If you have to submit an invoice and we have room to negotiate the charge. We usually charge between 1.5 and 2% of the value of the item.

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Shipping documentation

Documentación envíos aduana

At MBE Gotic we help you with the completion of the documents you need for customs clearance.

This way we avoid unnecessary delays, and ensure that your shipment arrives in a timely manner.

Packaging service for all your shipments

You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pack your shipments. We are experts in this and know what types of packaging are best for your products. Ask us because we have special packaging materials for delicate shipments and specific packaging for documents.

Thanks to our professional packaging service we will save you the cost of replacement for any type of breakage. With our packaging service you will get an excellent image of the products you send.

Tell us when you want the package to arrive

At MBE Gotic we take care of the emergencies and unforeseen events that arise for our customers. That is why we offer you flexibility when it comes to picking up your shipments.

If you are travelling and need to delay the arrival of your shipment, we offer facilities. We also offer alternatives such as collection at Official Collection Points.

Check the status of your shipment at any time

We offer you a tracking number so you can check the status and location of your shipment whenever and wherever you want. If there is any incident, you can call us to find out what is happening. At all times you will have a person at your disposal to solve any problem.

At MBE Gotic we want you to have peace of mind, and you will always be attended by someone to resolve any questions you may have.

We make it easy for you

At MBE Gotic we offer you customised invoicing:

  • Invoicing by department.
  • Reference each of your shipments.
  • Group your international, national or local shipments in a single invoice.
David Quackenbush
David Quackenbush
We left our phone in a taxi in Barcelona. Unfortunately, when the driver found it, we were already back in the US. This company talked with the driver and coordinated getting our phone. Then they packed it up and delivered to us. Amazing and very fast service. Highly recommend!!
Adria Pujol
Adria Pujol
La atención recibida por el personal fue genial. En todo momento facilitaron las cosas.
Kari Dobak
Kari Dobak
This Mail Boxes Etc. was extremely helpful in getting 2 large suitcases shipped back to the US when my daughter finished up her study abroad semester in Barcelona. Jordi the owner speaks English & was really great and knowledgeable about the process with customs etc. He responded patiently to my numerous questions. Highly recommend for any shipping services!
James Hills
James Hills
Fantastic service from Jordi in the recovery of a lost mobile phone. Great communication and a simple process to complete!
John Lites
John Lites
Outstanding service. Highly recommend.
Loreto Perez
Loreto Perez
Excelentes profesionales, eficaces y responsables, gestionan muy bien los envíos.
Base Elements
Base Elements
Todo perfecto, el servicio, el trato, el resultado. Nosotros hacemos muchos envíos alrededor del mundo, confiamos y trabajamos con ellos desde hace años y no hemos tenido nunca ninguna incidencia. Estamos muy satisfechos!!
Amanda McCarthy
Amanda McCarthy
Can definitely recommend Jordi at MBE2649. We left our phone at the hotel in Barcelona. I called him late afternoon and within 30 minutes he had collected the phone, packaged it and registered the shipping with UPS. He even went out of his way to meet the UPS driver to make sure it left the same day I would definitely use Mailboxes again and definitely Jordi if it was Barcelona. Thank you for an amazing first class service and the phone arrived back in the UK the next day.


We are located in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic) of Barcelona, in the heart of the city centre and only 3 minutes walk from Barcelona City Hall.
You can see it better on the map:

How to get to Mail Boxes Barcelona – Oficina Centro

You can get there easily from La Rambla or from Jaume I station on Metro Line 4.
You can see it better on the map:


Write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.
If you prefer, you can call us by phone at 935 24 10 12.

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    We take care of your shipments as if they were our own

    At Mail Boxes Etc Barcelona Centre we are committed to a completely personalised delivery service. Our job is to always give you the best option for your shipments and your only concern is what to send. We take care of how to send it.