We solve the most common questions our customers ask us about shipments.

If you are shipping from Barcelona or you are shipping to Barcelona, we help you with every question about shipments, packaging or parcel.

What information do I need to make a shipment?

  • Dimensions (length x width x height), weight and destination address.
    • With this information, we will issue the budget for the shipping options: express delivery and standard delivery.
  • If your shipment destination is to the European Union, no invoice is required.
  • For foreign shipments (not in the European Union), you will need the invoice.
  • For some specific goods, some additional information will be required.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs depend on dimensions, weight, destination and kind of product.

We have to appraise each situation. Usually, heavy goods (books, shoes, or heavy materials) are appraised by their weight, while light objects like clothes are appraised for their volume.

MBE Gotic works with different couriers like UPS, FedEx, TNT, Correos Express and many more. We consider all the options regarding the country destination and all the criteria, in order to choose the option that better fits your shipment.

Special shipping fees

We have special fees for those customers with enough shipping orders volume.

We set special custom conditions for every each company or customer that include payment conditions and fees.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Because of the numerous incidences to accept cash payments on delivery, most couriers have limited this kind of payment. Nonetheless, we offer different payment methods.

What payment forms of payment are accepted?

Pay Pal: Our PayPal account is mbe2649@mbe.es
Bankcard: Credit card or debit card. You have to provide us with your credit or debit card number and expiration date. No cardholder or CVV is required. You can phone us or send us an email.

What products, goods or materials can I ship?

We have no strict limitations about products or goods.
You can send to all destinations: documentation, parcels, luggage and suitcases, artworks, craftsmanship and much more.
If you are sending to the European Union, you can also send food and (legal) drugs.
The main restrictions are embodied in each country’s customs legislation. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about what goods you can ship to each country.

Are there any restrictions on maximum weight or maximum size?

We work with expert couriers in shipments with no size or weight restrictions. You can ship products no matter the dimensions or how much they weight, all of them are permitted.

What kind of products are not allowed?

Restricted and forbidden goods

Hazardous materials such as explosives or radioactive materials are forbidden. There are partial limitations regarding country destination customs rules.
You cannot ship live animals.

Can I choose a date and time to collect my parcel?

We offer special facilities to collect shipments. For example, if you are on a trip you can delay the collection until a chosen date.

What would happen if there is nobody to collect the parcel?

There are three delivery attempts in case the receiver cannot be located. We can offer alternatives. If you like, you can collect your parcel at our official collection points. We strongly recommend you to send your packages to addressed that are usually inhabited, so there always was somebody available to pick the shipment, especially during working hours.

Can I pick my delivery at MBE?

Exceptionally you can pick your package at other MBE’s Customer Service offices.

Shipping options

There are several shipment options according to the destination. You can choose standard delivery or express delivery.

Which countries can I ship to?

You can ship worldwide except those countries under dictatorships (Cuba, North Korea), or war conflict. For specific goods, you have to take into account the destination country’s partial customs restrictions.

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