Ship paintings and artworks from Barcelona

We have broad experience in sending paintings and artworks. We have many customers that, while sightseeing in Barcelona, visit an Art Gallery and find a picture they want to buy. Nonetheless, they do not do it because of the inconveniences about travelling with it. In Mail Boxes Etc., we help you avoid these issues. If you need to send a picture or an artwork from Barcelona, count on us. We are experts in shipping artworks worldwide.

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Send artworks easily and confidently

There is no need for the tourist that visits Barcelona to carry himself a picture or any piece of art. Forget about the process of checking extra luggage or taking the risk of suffering any damage to your piece of art. With Mail Boxes Barcelona Center you can ship your picture to Europe or overseas. Regarding the destination and the painting’s size, we will choose the best courier for your shipment: UPS, FedEx, TNT, and many more. We will help you choose the best price and delivery time.

Special packages to send paintings and delicate goods

We use special materials to package paintings and artworks, such as special hardness cards and cases and plastic products. We create a tailor-suited bubble wrap with the exact size for every object with our air-injection machine. Bring us your painting, sculpture, model, pottery or any piece of craftsmanship and we will provide you with the best package.

Sending art overseas

We can help you with the required documentation for exporting, regarding the current regulation about cultural property exportation (Reglamento (CE) nº 116/2009 del Consejo, de 18 de diciembre de 2008, relativo a la exportación de bienes culturales) as well as the customs papers.

Shipping insurance

You can use our shipment insurance, so you can ship your purchased artworks without any worries.