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MBE Barcelona Center

A small store with a vocation to provide a great service

We are two Mail Boxes Etc. franchisees in Barcelona. We have invested in our own business based on a successful model that is growing exponentially worldwide.

At MBE Barcelona Downtown we strive every day to provide a brilliant service. Not only do we seek to respond to the needs of each client, but we want to deal personally with them to give them the confidence and information they need. That is why we treat all our clients with the same attention, regardless of whether they are companies or individuals. And this is precisely one of our strengths, that we listen to the customer to provide solutions.

Because of our location, in the touristic Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, we have become accustomed to working with foreign clients. Being in the historic center of the city, we have had to adapt to all kinds of requests.


Mail Boxes Etc., a large delivery network in the center of Barcelona

MBE Barcelona belongs to one of the largest parcel and shipping networks in the world. It is Mail Boxes Etc. A group of franchised multi-service centers that offers a wide range of services, including the shipment of delicate objects anywhere in the world.

A successful business model based on quality customer care

Mail Boxes Etc. is an international network of service centers specializing in domestic and international parcel delivery and logistics. Founded in 1980 in California, it has experienced tremendous growth thanks to a business model based on licensing franchises around the world. Thanks to its extensive network of operations and the efficiency of its services, MBE has been able to partner with the world’s leading logistics companies to provide high quality business and consumer solutions.

Mail Boxes Barcelona Downtown Office, we are very close to you

We are located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, in the heart of the city center, to help you.  You can come in person so that we can solve any doubt about your shipments, like sending a painting by parcel, sending suitcases by mail or to pick up any merchandise. Come and see us!

MailBoxes Etc Barcelona Team

Mail Boxes Etc Barcelona - MBE Gotic

“Entrepreneurship is a risk, but being able to provide a quality personal service to my clients is a great satisfaction.”

MBE Gotic Barcelona - MBE Barcelona - Mail Boxes Barcelona

“The shipping industry has reached an extraordinary quality of service. It is exciting to participate in the success of a business model that is growing worldwide.”