Are you planning to transport an oil painting? If so, there are some recommendations that you should take into account to ensure that the painting arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

Here are some tips for successfully transporting an oil painting.

First, make sure the painting is completely dry before attempting to transport it. If the painting is still wet, it can damage the work on the way.

Next, you must make sure that the packaging is special for transporting the oil painting. A cardboard box with foam on the sides is a good choice. This will help absorb the shocks and movements that occur during transport.

Finally, make sure the carrier is aware that they are transporting artwork. This will help ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to prevent damage during shipping.

Mail Boxes Barcelona is a company specialized in the shipment of works of art, these are the different phases covered by our service.


Determine the type of packaging

We must assess the type of paint to be shipped. The most important factors are the value of the work, and if it is old, the state of conservation. Also the size of the work.
It is not the same to send an old work in a delicate state of conservation and of great value than a recent work whose market value is not high.

The size also has an influence, since large paintings are more susceptible to being hit and therefore damaged.
For paintings of great value or in a delicate state of conservation, we recommend a wooden box with padded interior lining.

For works of small size or value, a special double or triple layer cardboard box would be sufficient.
We have cardboard of special hardness for these shipments.
We have different types of bubble wrap, standard or Airmove, which we choose according to the type of shipment.

Selection of Courier and Standard or Express shipments

We always advise, depending on the customer’s needs, the most appropriate courier, TNT, Fedex, UPS, etc. depending on the destination, size of the painting or transit time.
We have special conditions with the Couriers, which can make the contracting through us more economical than directly.

Customs Documentation

We facilitate the proforma invoice, the declaration of Patrimony or the rest of the necessary documents to export outside the EU.


Couriers assign a tracking or shipment number that we provide to the client in order to follow the traceability of the shipment and to verify the delivery in perfect conditions of the work.

Optional insurance
We offer the option of taking out an insurance policy for the transport that insures the totality of the the total value declared on the invoice.