The boom of the e-commerce and the significance of the shipping services

To guarantee the quality of the product is as important as its quality itself, especially regarding e-commerce, where the customer cannot touch the product. Because of this, in MBE Gotic we ensure excellent shipping services in Barcelona.

Online e-commerce growth

E-commerce or online trading has not stopped growing in the last twenty years. More and more internet users decide to make their purchases online. This is one of the different trading systems that exist

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 (business to customer, or B2C). Services or goods delivery among companies (business to business, or B2B) or goods exchanges among customers (customer to customer, or C2C), are another kind of relationships. This last one is very common for users familiar to social networking, and this transactions grow every year because of the quickness and efficiency.

Likewise grows the trust that users have on this kind of commerce. Thus, banks struggle every day to improve payment security that fosters e-commerce. This market, online shopping, means more than 2 trillion dollars worldwide. One important sign of the path that was to come in 2002 was PayPal’s acquisition by eBay for 1,500 million dollars. Google, as well, more interested than others, has been involved in fostering the use of the Internet to make commercial exchanges. Hence, the ranking punishment for those websites that have not installed the HTTPS protocol. All these efforts have been focused on minimizing frauds like phishing and many other scams. Only during 2016 more than a million phishing campaigns were reported.

E-commerce advantages

E-business takes advantage of on-demand production, where the entrepreneur has a limited stock usually as a showcase or portfolio (build-on-demand) and manufactures when there are requests. Thus, he enjoys cost savings on the establishment and warehousing, but also the capacity to reach a large international target. E-commerce is an open door for small business and entrepreneurial spirits unable to cover high fixed costs involved in traditional markets. So, we find here a case of low entry barriers that makes this market strongly competitive. In this scenario, we realize about the relevance of ensuring a good shipping service to reach customer’s reliance.

One of the main difficulties that entrepreneurs find when they create an online shop are customs procedures. This issue requires a big knowledge of every countries’ regulations.

Another great advantage of electronic commerce relies on the possibility of generating big databases very useful for marketing purposes. Location and volume of requests data can be stored by the store. This information can be quickly processed in order to create a sales plan, a forecast and a segmented marketing strategy focus on a specific target. The capacity to use cleverly this data has been a cornerstone in e-commerce’s success.

Deliver the product properly is a must

Creating an electronic business is easy and quick while there is a competitive product. So, counting with a good delivery service is paramount. In MBE Gotic, we have the logistical power of one of the most recognized seals in the logistics and transportation market: Mail Boxes Etc. We only work with the best international couriers: FedEx, UPS among others. Our suppliers ensure the arrival to almost every country in the world.

We provide the best service so you can meet your goals. We will help you know which is the best delivery company from Barcelona. we will choose the system that better fits your business regarding your volume and your product’s features. We can also help you with the customs documents and with special corporative packaging. If you need to collect any product, we also have private mailboxes in Barcelona. Thus, you can collect your goods with the best availability, quality and total confidentiality.

We cooperate with you with the best custom and personal service so your business or electronic shop grows and builds the trust we want to build with our own customers.