Safeguard your shipment’s value

When you need to ship to Spain or abroad, rely on Mail Boxes Etc.’s fully comprehensive shipping insurance.

Send shipments confidently, aware that you are in good hands. You can send artworks, craftsmanship, bottles of wine, luxury items, jewellery, fashion clothing, leather, technological devices, musical instruments, and all sorts of valuable objects. Due to our insurance coverage, you will not worry about your parcel. Any question about your shipment? Contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Safe Value: Upscale shipment insurance

If you need to send a musical instrument, our shipment insurance covers the instrument as well as the case. It covers any damages to a suitcase or luggage too.

Customer’s requirements regarding product’s value:

Asserted value: Less than € 4,000

  • Risk module
  • Item pictures or pictures of the professional packaging

Greater than or equal than € 4,000 but less than € 50,000

  • Risk module
  • Item pictures or pictures of the professional packaging
  • Item’s value certificate (invoice, purchase receipt, bill, price list)

Greater than or equal to € 50,000

  • Requirable questionnaire by the insurer
  • Up to € 200,000 for a claim or several claims related to a single incidence.
  • Up to € 200,000 for every single transport mean, limited to € 50,000 for each parcel, regarding the following limitations:
    • Up to € 10,000 for used goods, extended to € 20,000
    • Used machinery equipment: € 1,000 per parcel
    • Up to € 20,000 per shipment for mobile phones, tablets and product’s devices or accessories
    • Up to € 500 for documents
    • For jewellery, gems, artworks with an asset value equal or greater than € 25,000.
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