Print your airline tickets in the Gothic Quarter

2023-01-27T19:52:11+02:00November 25th, 2022|International Shipments|

MBE Gotic enjoys a privileged location in the centre of Barcelona that allows us to offer a lot of different services to tourists coming from everywhere. Besides shipping services to Spain and overseas, our printing, photocopying and scanning services are very demanded as well. Thus, many visitors come to our store in order to

No more (luggage) weight counting

2022-05-20T18:30:44+02:00August 29th, 2018|International Shipments|

Sending suitcases or packages with MBE Gotic is easy and quick Forget about weighing your luggage next summer, and send your suitcases with Mail Boxes Etc.'s international and national shipping services in Barcelona. For those fast payers who let themselves be impressed by exotism, by the souvenir, this precious appealing gifts at the touristic hotspots,

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