Barcelona, a city of art

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Europe when we are talking about art. There are plenty of art galleries throughout the city, especially in the Gothic Quarter, where there is a large array of them in a relatively small area of Barcelona. Therefore, in Mail Boxes Etc., we are experts in shipping art to Spain or overseas.

The art in Barcelona

galería de arte en barcelona

At Barcelona, you will enjoy a huge artistic offer that covers a wide range of styles. The success for Barcelona as a capital of art lies on a long run sponsoring tradition reinforced due to a lot of foundations that, nowadays, are very keen on fostering art exhibitions in Barcelona. To be considered the capital of Modernism is indeed a priceless attractiveness for cultural tourism.

The public art in Barcelona is formed by a rich number of outdoor artworks. Its artistic heritage because of the long history of the city contributes to an enviable architectural richness. Roman ruins and avant-garde skyscrapers cohabit in a city that shows its history through its different quarters. Barcelona is a great example of a metropolis that has been able to join in harmony antiquity and modernity with no stridencies. On the contrary, its most visited monument, the Sagrada Famìlia, is the epitome of continuity.

One of the main stops for art enthusiasts is Picasso Museum (Museu Picasso). More than 4,000 artworks are exhibited very close to the metro station Jaume I. At Picasso Museum you will contemplate many artworks from his first period, until the blue period. It is one of the most important galleries in Barcelona.

But it is not all about Gaudí or Picasso. In the Carrer Petritxol (the first pedestrian street in the city), there are some of the capital art galleries in Barcelona, besides real gastronomic marvels.

 Art galleries in the Gothic Quarter

The Sala Parés is one of the oldest art galleries in Barcelona, therefore, one of the most notorious. Its history is very interesting. The Gallery started as an artist materials store, as well as small artworks

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like engraving workpieces and laminates in 1840. In 1877 they have their first exhibition, what caused a big influence on the artistic life of Barcelona. Nowadays The Sala Parés is one of the oldest and most important galleries in the world.

The Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, besides its splendid public art, enjoys a vibrant cultural activity. Thus, in the old town, you can find numerous art galleries throughout a small area.

For those fans of the urban art, there are impressing exhibitions like the Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, in Carrer del Palau,6. Its artworks break canons and arouse artistic freedom, material richness and textures, and generally vivid colours that catch the eye.

In Artevistas Gallery, the amateur visitor will have the opportunity to discover painting, sculpture and photography, made by already acknowledged artists and also by those creators who are struggling for reaching fame. For the most seasoned ones, there will always be the occasion to discover the names that will be a benchmark in the international artistic scenery.

Villa del Arte Galleries shows an exotic dish made by the best of international sculpting and painting. Elegance and audacity are distinct features in this gallery. A real pleasure for the senses.

Mulas y Pedrosa Art Gallery, for those who are keen on finding both famous signatures and contemporary art by novel artists. Mandatory if you are looking for a place to see some spearheads of the art.

At Galería La Lesia, cohabit tradition and modernity, an excellent artworks gallery where local traditional trends are reinterpreted to show impeccable manufactured pieces.

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This is just a small piece of a large array of art galleries located in Barcelona. If you purchase an artwork, maybe a piece of craftsmanship and you want to send it to somewhere in Spain or abroad, you can rely on Mail Boxes Etc., in the Gothic Quarter.

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