Fedex: the history of the parcel giant

FedEx was founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, a Yale student who developed a business model for nationwide package transportation. Smith believed that next-day package delivery was made possible by modern technology and a network of strategically located distribution centers. The company was originally founded as Federal Express in Little Rock, Arkansas, but

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Sending parcels from Barcelona to Switzerland

Parcel delivery from Barcelona to Switzerland Shipments to Switzerland must be accompanied by the corresponding invoice for the goods, since, although it is a European country, it is not part of the EU. In the case of shipment of paintings and art objects, in addition to the invoice, the Heritage Declaration must be

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We help you with your online store

The boom of the e-commerce and the significance of the shipping services To guarantee the quality of the product is as important as its quality itself, especially regarding e-commerce, where the customer cannot touch the product. Because of this, in MBE Gotic we ensure excellent shipping services in Barcelona. Online e-commerce growth E-commerce or online

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How to ship an Oil Painting

Are you planning to transport an oil painting? If so, there are some recommendations that you should take into account to ensure that the painting arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Here are some tips for successfully transporting an oil painting. First, make sure the painting is completely dry before attempting to transport it.

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Parcel shipments from Barcelona to USA

Shipping Montblanc pens from Barcelona to the USA Set of MONTEGRAPPA and MONTBLANC pens and ballpoint pens purchased at an online auction and shipped to the United States from Barcelona. Montblanc International GmbH is a renowned German manufacturer of pens, fountain pens, watches, and various jewellery. The limited editions and pens of the Meisterstück series are highly sought after on

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Barcelona travel guide

Barcelona is a vibrant city, full of life the whole day. Art is in the streets, in centenary buildings or performed by artists at the touristic hotspots. Each quarter has a different personality and Barcelona’s streets captivate traveller’s gaze. That is why Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities for sightseeing. MBE Gotic is

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Print your airline tickets in the Gothic Quarter

MBE Gotic enjoys a privileged location in the centre of Barcelona that allows us to offer a lot of different services to tourists coming from everywhere. Besides shipping services to Spain and overseas, our printing, photocopying and scanning services are very demanded as well. Thus, many visitors come to our store in order to

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Envío de paquetes con objetos delicados

Envío de objetos frágiles desde Barcelona al mundo En Mail Boxes Barcelona - Oficina Centro, estamos especializados en el envío de objetos especiales.Tenemos experiencia tanto en el embalaje adaptado a cada material a enviar, como en la documentación necesaria para que los envíos desde Barcelona al extranjero no tengan ningún problema en Aduana.Enviar al

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Lugares con encanto en Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni, uno de los barrios más atractivos de Barcelona En Mail Boxes Barcelona, empresa de envíos nacionales e internacionales, estamos encantados de poder contribuir a los excelentes servicios que los turistas pueden encontrar en Barcelona. Por eso en esta entrada queremos recomendar un lugar de la ciudad que ningún turista debe perderse, el

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