Lugares con encanto en Sant Antoni

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Sant Antoni, uno de los barrios más atractivos de Barcelona En Mail Boxes Barcelona, empresa de envíos nacionales e internacionales, estamos encantados de poder contribuir a los excelentes servicios que los turistas pueden encontrar en Barcelona. Por eso en esta entrada queremos recomendar un lugar de la ciudad que ningún turista debe perderse, el

Visit the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

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The heart of Barcelona, the old quarter of Barcelona and venue of a big amount of the city’s artistic heritage, this is the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gótic. One of the emblematic locations and touristic hotspots in Barcelona. This is the place we chose for our Mail Boxes Etc.’s franchise. MBE Gotic is called this

Barcelona travel guide

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Barcelona is a vibrant city, full of life the whole day. Art is in the streets, in centenary buildings or performed by artists at the touristic hotspots. Each quarter has a different personality and Barcelona’s streets captivate traveller’s gaze. That is why Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities for sightseeing. MBE Gotic is

Art Galleries in Barcelona

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Barcelona, a city of art Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Europe when we are talking about art. There are plenty of art galleries throughout the city, especially in the Gothic Quarter, where there is a large array of them in a relatively small area of Barcelona. Therefore, in Mail Boxes

Some figures on tourism market in Barcelona

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In Mail Boxes Etc. - MBE Gotic - we like to cooperate with a perfectly settled market in our country. We offer international and national shipping services so you can send your suitcases, fragile objects, artworks, craftsmanships and we send objects you forgot at your hotel in Barcelona as well. We are in the Gothic

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