The heart of Barcelona, the old quarter of Barcelona and venue of a big amount of the city’s artistic heritage, this is the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gótic. One of the emblematic locations and touristic hotspots in Barcelona. This is the place we chose for our Mail Boxes Etc.’s franchise. MBE Gotic is called this way by our location. In MBE Gotic we provide, near to you, international shipping services and we help hundreds of citizens and visitors every year.

Gothic Quarter, a place you must visit in Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic or Barrio Gótico, in Spanish), is Barcelona’s old town. The Gothic Quarter is in the Ciutat Vella district (that in Catalan means “old city”), one of the 10 districts of Barcelona. The Ciutat Vella is the number 1 district and includes the ancient area of the Barcelona. It is delimited by Las Ramblas, so, the tourist very likely will be around the Gothic Quarter while sightseeing in Barcelona. It is a marvellous quarter with labyrinthic streets where each corner hides historical treasures. At the Gothic Quarter, the skilled tourist will discover a large variety of the artistic styles that the long history of Barcelona still preserves. Some of these styles are Roman, Visigothic, Jewish, Gothic, Neoclassical, Modernist, just to mention a few of them. In spite of some of these constructions have been questioned and many of them have been restored with more or less accuracy, it is impossible not to succumb to Gothic Quarter’s beauty.  

Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia

envíos barrio gótico - mbe gotic - enviar desde el barrio gótico The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia or, in Catalan, Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia (Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, in Spanish) is the pearl of Barcelona, regardless the most visited monument – and maybe the most famous – the Sagrada Familia. It is the Gothic cathedral, built during three centuries, since the XII to the XV. Like in many other European cities, built over a Romanic style church. Nonetheless, former constructions have left its trace, and the ruins can still be watched at the History Museum. Barcelona’s cathedral is also known as “La Seu”, is dedicated to Eulalia de Barcelona commonly known as Virgen de la Merced.

The Cathedral of Barcelona has five doors, the oldest one, the portal of Saint Ivo is made of marble and stone carried from Montjuic. All its portals deserve to be seen noticing the differences between ages and styles. Gargoyles, typical of the Gothic,  will impress both young and adults. The interior of the Cathedral hosts some priceless treasures as well. The organ is from the XVI century, and its case is the original one. The main altar still has the Visigothic columns from the VI century. Its colourful stained glass will ensure a great experience inside the Cathedral.

La Seu is connected through the Carrer del Bisbe to Saint Jaume Square (Plaça Saint Juame). Since the XIX century, this square has been home for famous historical events, therefore, the visitor will feel like a humble spectator of Barcelona’s history. Around this place, there are some of the most important civic buildings, like the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Major Hall of Barcelona.

empresas envíos en el barrio gotico - donde imprimir billetes de avion en el barrio gotico - mbe goticKing’s square (Plaça del Rei)

The Plaça del Rei (Plaza del Rey, in Spanish) is the greatest exponent of the Gothic style in Barcelona. The Palau Reial Major (Major Royal Palace), in the centre of the Gothic Quarter, was the old residence of the Counts of Barcelona from the century XIII to the XV. Nowadays it is the History Museum of Barcelona and the Feredir Marès Museum. In spite of the building is from the XIII, there are still Roman and Visigothic remains. Close to the Saló del Tinell, it is the Chapel of Santa Àgata, from the XIV century, and in front of it, there is the Palau del Lloctinent (Palace of the Luitentant), a Renaissance-style building from the XVI century.


Royal Square (Plaza Reial)
imprimir en el barrio gótico de barcelona

Its name comes from its original purpose to praise monarchy. It was built in the XIX century and belongs to the Neoclassic style. It is one very eye-catching place in Barcelona. In this square, there is the “Three Graces” fountain and two Gaudi’s streetlights. It is a very crowded spot in the night.

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