In Mail Boxes Etc. – MBE Gotic – we like to cooperate with a perfectly settled market in our country. We offer international and national shipping services so you can send your suitcases, fragile objects, artworks, craftsmanships and we send objects you forgot at your hotel in Barcelona as well.

We are in the Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gótico) in the Ciutat Vella, the historical centre of Barcelona. This a touristic hotspot where we can help many tourists so they can enjoy their trip.

Tourism in real terms

Last year (2017), Spain reached a peak in tourist arrivals: 82 million foreign visitors. It meant almost 15% Spanish GDP, around €172.900 million. This figures made Spain the second country in international tourism, after France, and for the first time, before the USA. Tourism is one of the strongest sectors in the Spanish economy.

The most visited regions were Catalonia (more than 18 million visitors), the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Thus, nobody doubts about Catalonian attractiveness for tourists throughout the whole world.

Barcelona’s tourismenvíos turistas - mbe gotic barcelona

Mediterranean culture, coast and climate, make Barcelona one of the most successful touristic cities in the world. There are plenty of guides to visit Barcelona. Last year it was the 12th most visited city in the world (8.9 million visitors), after cities like Istambul, but before some of the touristic European pearls like Rome and Prague. Madrid reached the 20th in the same ranking. Among the first cities were London, Paris, Bangkok and Dubai.

Hotels in Barcelona

To provide room for such a successful business, Barcelona has a growing number of hotels. In 2017 this number increased until 420, after having triple during the last two decades, from 1990 to 2010. In 2017 there was room for around 31,500 people only in four stars hotels. This category was the most offered, around six times more than five stars hotels’ offer (5,500 people).

Leisure and business

Almost 40% of visitors were in Barcelona for business purposes, what includes fares, congresses and conventions. This means that Barcelona is not merely a leisure city, but it also provides a strong business offer. Barcelona is indeed a neuralgic point for business relationships. To this phenomenon contributes some events like the Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona Industry Week or B2B Sales Congress.

Bet on technology

Barcelona struggles to adapt to technological progress, what lets the city improve its capacity to grow simultaneously with business necessities. Thus, almost one-half of the visitors that came to the city were looking for this matters. Hence, big technology companies have chosen Barcelona to open their headquarters in Spain. Therefore, Barcelona has developed a strong support for small business, startups and e-commerce.

Supporting an excellent market

In spite of these impersonal data, the conclusion is that in Barcelona we find a city concerned about its European environment, always looking forward to being a worldwide reference in lodging and leisure. Barcelona wants to be at the forefront of business changes to create an entrepreneurial tissue, made by workers who offer best solutions for travellers attracter for Barcelona’s charming. Because of this, in our Mail Boxes Etc.’s franchise in Barcelona, we want to help tourists enjoy the city. We offer shipping services to send artworks, paintings, forgotten objects or even send their luggage so they can just focus on our city.